My focus in photography is mostly on trying to create pictures that show more than you can normally see. I do that the easy way using fisheye lenses, and the hard way by creating massive composites like the ones below. I used to make these by hand, but recently made an iOS app called GridPic to make this process a lot easier.

Additionally, my holiday photo blog has plenty of examples of my fisheye based work (all transformed with my fisheye remapping tool into combinations of rectilinear/stereographic/cylindrical). Even more on my old photos page.

If you’re wondering how I make these: each individual photo is simply taken with me taking a picture straight down, bending over to try and not have my shoes in the picture (and there’s plenty of times where that fails, if you look closely!). Each of the larger composites above consists of about 400 pictures, so that takes some planning to make sure the space I am trying to cover fits the grid. I make a sketch on paper, assigning each room a certain grid area so I know how many pictures to take there. After taking all the pictures, I use a custom program I made that allows me to organize them all on a grid, swapping them around like a puzzle game until they fit the intended positioning. That then saves out one large image, taking care of the black borders etc.

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