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Woohoo, first time I am part of an art exhibition, albeit online (in german, my exhibit is here). Put 3 more compositions up.


My two main interest in photography are doing compositions, which I use my digital camera for (currently a Casio Exilim S3, a Canon A50 before it), and doing very wide angle / fisheye photography, for which I have a Nikon F70 slr camera with a 16mm fisheye Zenitar manual lens (which I’m particularly fond of), and a semi-fisheye adapter (not as good) which comes with a macro.

Wide Angle & Fish Eye

The Zenitar lens (which apparently is a direct copy of the Nikkor version, just miles cheaper) is sort of medium fish-eye, in the sense that it only gives about 144 degrees FOV (that’s diagonal, i.e. about 120 degrees wide and 80 degrees tall in landscape mode). The lens itself is nice and small: it is smaller than my standard zoom lens in all directions, and has no bits sticking out (many fish-eye lenses are prohibitively large and have the lens fairly exposed). It is a manual lens, so you have to set aperture & focus yourself, but the F70 is clever enough to automatically match an aperture with the appropriate shutter speed, so it is very easy to get right. For focussing it will also indicate on the viewfinder how you’re doing. An additional trickyness is that it requires spot metering, but this actually gives you a lot of control, especially when shooting relatively dark scenes. I think this lens is quite ideal since it’s wide enough to do some really weird stuff with, yet you can also take relatively normal pictures with it (given that you’re not too close to your subject).

About the compositions

These are made into big compositions using some home-brewn software. The two top-leftmost pictures are are produced by taking pictures throughout the house looking downwards (using wide angle, and keeping my feet out of the way :) which generates an overal picture as if you had cut the roof of a building (doesn’t look as impressive on screen). The first picture contains over 150 individual photos. |

Other Stuff

Home-made 180 degree fisheye!

Richard Stallman (founder of GNU/FSF) has a picture I took of him on his page.

These companies use my photography on their websites: invis & rikoh.