GridPic allows you to take multiple pictures that form a grid, in the easiest way: simply start shooting, and GridPic keeps expanding the grid (in a spiral fashion), allowing any size grids like 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 3x4 etc, with no limit (yes, 10x10 and beyond is possible!).

Take pictures as quick as you can press the shutter! Its streamlined interface gives you a direct view on what the end result will look like, as you take pictures.

Then save to the camera roll, from where you can share it easily. Other quick buttons for restarting from scratch, or stepping back one picture to retake it.

The setting button gives access to settings for flash on/off or auto (default), the border thickness and color (default black), and whether to take pictures in spiral fashion (default) or panoramic mode (left to right).

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Note: not available in the app store anymore, since Apple charges 100$ per year to keep it there, and this app doesn’t make me any money.

iPhone version:


Technical details:

There really is no limit to the amount of pictures you can put into one grid. To that end, the app employs a simple scheme that reduces the size of pictures by half at certain points to avoid your phone running out of memory. All grids up to 5x5 are made with individual pictures of 720x720 each. Then up to 10x10 it’s 360x360, and after that 180x180. Future versions may have settings for this.

I was inspired to make this app, because I love making giant composite grid pictures (see Photography) and I couldn’t find an app that would allow more than 3x3, and take the pictures quickly and easily.