My older maps. I'd recommend the top 2 for playability, and Kasteel if you fancy seeing something different :) Kasteel & DM6ish both have r_speed problems, be warned. Soepke is the only one I can't recommend.

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D M 3 - i s h  (dec '98) (204k)
A shameless DM3 rip-off. This one is a lot more compact than the orginal (almost half the size), and good fun in duels and ffa (it comes equipped with an extra RL too, rest mostly unmodified). Plays fast & smooth, and looks neat.
S l o p y  (sept '98) (123k)
An experimental map with no level surfaces (you have to try it to understand it). good connectivity, speed, very playable but lacking in detail (though precise). [MPQ mention " amazed by how much fun it is to play"]
D M 6 - i s h  (aug '98) (437k)
A blatant copy of DM6 structure with a different design (I call it a "tribute" :) Plays like the original, looks neat but is a bit too slow.
P a p r i k a (apr '98) (338k)
Another composition of seperately designed chunks of levels, with some nice rooms. Slightly messy layout but quite playable and fairly fast.
K a s t e e l  (dec '97) (1100k)
My second level and already quite nice in places. Structure is very unlike most quake levels. Interesting architecture, but fiddly play and unacceptably slow.
S o e p k e  (oct '97) (700k)
My first level and not particularly brilliant. A composition of a couple of rooms I made back then, mostly messy. playability and speed are bearable.