My Doom2 wads, most of them fairly recent.

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CD megawad map (dec 2000)
Map part of the Crucified Dreams DM megawad, released in 2006 (!). Features excessive curves both on the xy plane as well as arches.
in progress SP map (jan 2001)screenshots
SP map(s) I am working on.
10 sector entry (oct 2000) (3404k)
My entry to doomworld's 10 sector competition. Randomly generated hexagonal map, that managed to end up among the top 32 maps in the competition. Highly recommended.
Qboard Doom2 SP (nov '99) (372k)
Single player wad containing 3 SP maps by the Biff Debris, Lunaran & me (Aardappel). A retro wad organized by people on the Quake mapping messageboard Qboard, hence the name. Was originally planned to have way more maps, but here it is anyway. Some excellent work by Biff & Lunaran and a slightly mediocre contribution from me :) Some demos.
b 0 o  (sept '99) (67k)
Doom2 DM map meant specifically for duels. It's very compact & vertical, has some sound cues to track / mislead your opponent, diversity in attacks and ambushes, balanced item placement. Makes for tactical but still very intense combat. Atrium style architecture dressed up in q2 textures, with moody lighting. b0o is map of the month at the Doom DM Resource. A well known mapper said "best Doom2 dm map ever" and others have been raving about it as well. Opulent reckons its worthy of his Great Deathmatch Wads page. Several very good duel demos.
D M 4 - i s h  (aug '99) (18k)
Quake DM4 for Doom2. Removes all the room-above-room situations of the original while maintaining the exact connectivity.  Item placement is pretty faithful as well but adapted a bit to suit Doom "old deathmatch" mode. Tested vs bots & humans, plays well and navigates smoothly. No custom textures, so only a 18k download! Gets a good review at the Doom DM Resource. A funny demo (114k) of 2 people I know duking it out (note: recorded using zdoom 1.21).
an SP map :)  (jul '99)
Something I'm working on... if it ever materializes.