Aardappel's Doom Wad Recommendations

I kept getting people asking me what custom doom maps are fun to play, and I had made a list of stuff I liked already, so in the end I figured it would be a good idea to put it into a quick web page.

It is pretty self explanatory: The first column is the title, linked to where to download if I bothered to put that in. Second column is the amount of maps in the wad, where M means megawad (10 or more), and S means small. Third column is "Aardappel's Rating" (tm) out of 10, your mileage will vary. Fourth is a comment by me, where applicable. Unless specifically marked otherwise, these are SP maps for Doom2, and work with any sourceport.

Doom ports to play these with I can recommend are: ZDoom (because it is compatible with just about any wad), or if you are an OpenGL nut like me, JDoom (certainly the prettiest Doom port), or Legacy (compatible with more wads than JDoom, but not as pretty nor stable).

Hell Revealed 1 and 2 M 9 The maps aren't particularly pretty, but the gameplay is exactly what I like in Doom: continuous battle with very large amounts of monsters from all angles at once, without a second to breathe. The wads are the antithesis to slow, monster-at-a-time gameplay that is common today. Can't recommend this more if tough & intense gameplay is what you're after.
Earth M 9 Great atmosphere and variety in large scale outdoor enviroments ("earth", as per the title). Requires ZDoom.
Requiem M 10 A top wad in every direction (gameplay, variety, attention to detail, atmosphere). A true classic and on average maybe the best wad ever.
Invasion 2 (and 1) M 7 A nice variety of maps, some huuge. Tries to follow a storyline, luckily that doesn't interfere too much.
Dystopia3 M 7 More in the style of Requiem and MM.
Batman Doom M 8 A Total Conversion in the true sense of the word, you won't find any Doom2 textures/sprites/weapons in this one. Very nice maps with good attention to detail and a lot of variety. Gameplay is not as intense as classic Doom maps but keeps you going.
The Darkening 1 and 2 M 8 More recent wads with absolutely beautiful detailing (esp. in 2), but gameplay suffers compared to the classic wads.
Memento Mori 1 and 2 M 8 Great megawads along similar lines to Requiem, but quality between maps differs more (stunning maps next to quite bland ones).
HACX M 7 Used to be a commercial TC, now available for free download. Has some of the most trippy maps I have ever seen! Quality of the maps isn't high, but like Batman Doom all graphics are new, and it is definitely enjoyable.
Eternal M 9 Huuuge maps, many in a more medieval style compared to other wads (thanks to Hexen textures), quite detailed, and gameplay that will keep you busy for ages (only downside is that it can be a bit puzzles are sometimes not completely obvious). A classic.
Strain M 7 Very decent megawad, quite old which shows in the map design, but gameplay is there.
Icarus M 7 Good quality set of levels.
Osiris S 7 An an egyptian style TC
Mordeth 6 9 First episode of unfinished megawad, which has some of the best and most consistent atmosphere of any wad. Gameplay is perfectly balanced too.
A Hell Day 1 9 Amazing style and architecture, with decent gameplay. Try also other wads by the same author, like Darkstar or Beyond Death. Requires Boom compatible port.
WolfenDoom M* 6 Set of (mega)wads, conversions of Wolfenstein maps to doom + plenty of original work which tries to keep true to Wolfenstein more or less (quite simplistic maps). Gameplay is good fun but can be a bit too hard. Recommended is "Operation: Arctic Wolf".
Chord* 1* 8 All maps in the Chord series are total quality with finely tuned gameplay.
K(Z)doom 1* 8 Generally high quality maps, also check his older maps
Classic* 1* 7 set of single maps set to emulate the e1 atmosphere, not very pretty but very playable.
Qboard 3 7 Ahem. Just download it dammit.
[Ok, so I suck for never updating this page as I promised. So here is the raw text file I keep as a play log of all wads I play. They come with ratings much like the ones above, so you may find some cool wads to play if you already know most of the above by just scanning for the ones rated 8/9/10. Be warned, this text is very minimal so the descriptions may not make any sense to you :) Oh, to find the wads, you'll have to look for them in places like this (the name in the text should correspond with the name of the zip, usually)]