The Sauerbraten (Cube 2) engine is the most advanced and complete originally open source engine available today, with many novel features unavailable elsewhere. Its main strength is its very productive content pipeline which is especially attractive to smaller companies making casual or serious games. Its sourcecode was created almost entirely by members of dot3 labs, LLC. More details abouts its features here.

Thanks to its generous ZLIB license, companies can use the Sauerbraten engine commercially without any real restriction, and without paying a penny to dot3 labs or any of the other contributors. Instead, dot3 labs follows the Open Source business model and offers optional support contracts, allowing your company to use this wonderful free engine while reducing risk by having commercial support from its original creators.

Using an Open Source engine has many additional benefits, such as the large community of talent and knowledge potentially available to you. dot3 labs LLC continues to support the engine, improve the quality of its existing features and add well designed new ones.

Let us know what kind of support / programming you require, and we can give you a quote for a custom contract based on your needs..

Some of our clients and other people using the engine commercially: