I burned the contents of /idgames2/levels/deathmatch/ on a cdrom, because I fancied having a look at all maps. This sounds mad because there are thousands of them, but I did it anyway. I knew a lot of maps were going to be of terrible quality, but I don't care since many of them are very original and fun to look at. I love to see what "worlds" people have created. Some maps I came across however, are SO bad, they are an artform in themselves. I couldn't resist "collecting" them by making some screenshots. I had a hard time deciding which to pick, as the amount of candidates was overwhelming, and I didn't even get beyond C for the moment. Shiver and tremble as you look through fullbright unaligned collections of boxes with the wildest connectivity and item placement

Back to all the goodness that is Aardappel's Maps.



This one wins all prises in texturing subtlety. Fullbright of course, making it easier to see where you're going would spoil the fun. Oh, and did I mention many of the walls are func_illusionary?


If playing in a big fullbright box with teleports to rooms with silly amounts of items attracts you, try this map.


A square grid of dark narrow corridors done in 1 blue texture.


You could call it a "concept map" I suppose.


The placement of brushes and tasteless texture combinations approach randomness closely.


We have a floor, a ceiling, and ... randomly placed divider walls! woah, lets play deathmatch! This one reminds me of my office.


When there's no escape from a big box, and combat between the bits of wall in the middle is bound to be tough, the least you can do is go well prepared.


Enjoy running circles round this middle bit while battling for highly desirable GA's and NG's.


1st prize for most pointless upload to cdrom.com. This map is a huge box with a watery bit, contains no weapons, is fullbright, and is not vised (there is no ceiling). 


Who needs scale?


Nicely sculpted, and the ideal battlefield I'm sure.


Some desirable items are available on fast moving platforms... miss them and you die instantly.


Map not big enough? just copy some bits around. And what we lose on qbsp time we can save by skipping light.


To get the rocketlauncher, you have to go through this inventive trap twice. It's not easy, and should you fail, you die instantly. Of course this is far from the only trap like this in the map. Fun for the family guaranteed.


Like, lots of lava is k3wl d00d!


What! e4m3 has 5 quads?!? I can double that! no triple! no quadr..., oh and I want at least as many pents too!


Your task, should you accept it, is to find your way to the RL without getting stuck along the way.


In the "fullbright box" series here is one that makes you swim to the items.


To get from A to B in this map, you jump through the lava. Until you die I suppose.


Texturing must be an artform.