This page has multiple functions wrapped in one: It is a "links" page, but a more useful one than a plain list of names, because I have added a screenshot and a small description. These are my suggestions which other mapper pages you should visit, and why. It is also a "my favourite maps" page. To do this I selected my personal favourite map for each of the authors linked, and then ordered all authors according to which maps I like best (so it can be read as a top 25 or something). This also makes it easier to know where to start if you are relatively new to custom maps.

Aaargh! You haven't linked me, you bastard! I just realised that as I completed the screenshots for this page, that especially a lot of the newer authors are missing. These are just from the maps I found in my maps dir, and I might add others later. sowwie.

Back to all the goodness that is Aardappel's Maps.


The king of Quake Architecture is here, and his name is DaMaul. The speed at which he can create the highest quality brushwork is unmatched. My favourite map of his, DaMaul6, is possibly the best single player Quake map ever, his first sp map DaMaul3 and UKPAK3 are stunning too.
Mr Fribbles
Deathmatch maps just don't get any better than this. Incredible texturing, and superb attention to detail in architecture and lighting coupled with smooth playability, and available in quantity as well! Too many good maps to choose from but efdm9 stands out because of its original texturing which creates a unique atmosphere.
Pingu's maps are almost exclusively medieval in style, and boy does he create some atmosphere with it. All of his latest works are a must, but the "Aardappel Recommends Award" goes to p3a. He keeps telling people that he learned it all from me, but if that's the case I wonder why his maps are so much better than mine... grrr
Probably the most famous custom map author, and not without reason. Though his maps are somewhat older now and don't have as much eyecandy as the competition, gameplay is second to none. My personal favourite would be ztndm5, but all of his last four maps are classics. If anyone has made DFA and vertical gameplay popular it must be ztn.
Way back when most mapper were still busy making badly aligned square DM2 clones, this italian Quake architect made some stunning maps that are still among the best today. His map DeBello, a work of art, is a cut down version from the original map which was even more detailed, but never saw the light of day because the author couldn't edit it anymore on his tiny pc. My favourity though has to be Ultraviolence, which besides looking pretty also happens to have brilliant gameplay. And even though he made some of the classics of custom mapping quake, he doesn't seem to bother getting a homepage, so I linked ultrav instead.
The driving force behind what is probably the single most important project in quake custom mapping, DAPAK, which set the standard for all maps thereafter. His more recent maps, though no great innovations in texturing, teach almost every mapper out there a lesson in solid gameplay. If you'd rate mappers by quality times quantity, Headshot would only maybe be challenged by Frib for the throne. 
Another mapper in the category of classic mappers like Escher and ztn, and aerowalk is one of the most well known maps of all time. Highly vertical, very compact, and with plenty of tactics and peekaboo type gameplay, this map is special experience. His other maps aren't that well known, but take a walk round his recent map templewalk if you want to see quality mapping.
Slayer has managed to do something which most custom mappers only dream about: compete head on with id maps for popularity, in this case 4on4 teamplay maps. Though all his maps are very playable, androm9 has always been one of my favourite maps of all time. I have played this map in every sort of game, from 4on4, 3on3, 2on2, and 12 to as low as 3 ffa, and they were some of the most fun games I ever played.
Gandhi, cleverly disguised as bABy rOo!, is also a great Quake player, and it shows. Maps like naked3 provide for some very intense duels, though my personal favourite is naked5, which very succesfully copies not only the style but also the original gameplay from e1m2, about the only truely great id dm map.
Iikka Keränen
Iikka was already a well known mapper in the Doom days, but his greatest maps are the "blue" maps in his ikspq series: almost completely textured using his own blue textureset, these are still some of the most impressive single player Quake maps around.
This french bloke has risen to fame quickly recently with some very high quality maps, but I just love his relatively old baldm3. Huge, with great texturing, and a blast to play.
If you don't like green textures you'd be best of not playing Peej's excellent strafin' series. Refined gameplay for duels has reached new heights in the recent strafin6, a true gem.
This well kept dutch mapping secret does some grand architecture with neat texturing, and the best example is his lovely map Summer.
Completely unknown but I rate him highly, Porky has done some maps for the UKQFFL way back, and recently contributed to the UKPAK project. He masters the art of minimalism (expressing detail and atmosphere using only few brushes) like no other. For some reason he hasn't got a homepage either, so I linked the UKPAK set of maps, which you should have anyway!
Retinal delivered with "dissonance" one of the slickest recent maps to date, and it plays a dream too.
Gen has made some very original maps in the past, and the odd-looking gendm2 is just great to play. Used to have a homepage, but seems to have dissapeared off the face of the earth recently. I have linked gendm2.
Has made some beautiful maps recently, but I like the intensity of his older map Aggressor. Has also released an sp map recently with some top gameplay and impressive architecture. Oh and while you browse his page make sure you check out his vis & light utilities.
Prodigy XL
His xl1dm2, with just one red armour worth having and a quad make for some interesting and focused gameplay that is different from many of the all too balanced maps, and the atmosphere is great too. I can't get too excited about his more recent efforts though.
Stecki has has made his textureset of great beauty (which quite a few mappers have used recently), and uses it to full effect in his map pli.
Already doing well with some great dm maps he recently caught everyone by surprise with a top sp map, Solarfall. Solid architecture all round, and good atmosphere.
Brilliant recent map chesdm2, but I my vote goes with chesdm1 which I know best. Seems to have given up on mapping for the moment.
Jvoxdm2n may look a bit plain but it if you can fill it with enough people you'll be hard pressed to find a map thats more fun.
This prolific UK author has released many quality maps for the UKQFFL and recently made a his best map yet for the UKPAK project. check out his trademark curvy hallways.
Little known author but his map effigy is a favourite of mine. No idea where is homepage is (must be well hidden) but I've linked his map.
Fat Controller
The mapper with the coolest nickname recently delighted everyone with a sp effort that has atmosphere to spare. bucketloads of it. Oh and his recent dm map is not bad either.
Yes, why not also pimp this other unknown UKPAK author, he deserves it. No homepage of course, but the map speaks for itself.
Since this is a bit of an author list I'd better be complete and chuck myself in. My favourite own map? Has to be my atmospheric UKPAK effort, even though my more recent ish maps are constructed way better technically.