Video 2 Panorama


modified: 2013/08/2


This tool takes a video and converts it into a panorama by taking the middle slice of pixels out of each video frame and concatenating those into an image. This allows you to create pictures as if the lens surrounds an object, which is not possible with any physical lens (kind of like the opposite of fisheye! :)

Sadly, doing this requires a very steady hand, and more importantly, very exact timing of how quickly you move the camera, which I didn't have the patience for. I implemented a jitter correction that detects your camera shake and offsets the image accordingly, hence the meandering look on the image.

If you want to try it out, it is here, requires .Net 4.0. I have no idea where it gets its video codecs from, so if the avi won't load, try reencoding in another format (for me Xvid worked well). Comes with NO support or warranty.